Activities of ICAH in this field are aimed to prevent child disabilities, improve health and wellbeing of children with developmental delays and promote their social integration through implementation of early intervention program, improvement of knowledge and skills of relevant specialists and establishing of specialized child rehabilitation centers in regions of Armenia.

Project was conducted in collaboration with the Armenian office of Mission East Danish NGO and Bridge of Hope under support of the Agency for International Development of the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in Armavir, Gegharkunik and Tavoush marzes, in 2006-2013. Regional Child Development and Rehabilitation Centers (CDRC) were established in Armavir and Tavoush regions of Armenia; the multidisciplinary staff of CDRCs was trained on physical, mental and social rehabilitation of the children. The comprehensive set of teaching materials for medical doctors, nurses, allied medical and other specialists was developed, including “Basics of Child Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics” textbook, “Child Developmental Disorders and Basics of Rehabilitation” manual, set of modules for rehabilitation teams, as well as educational leaflets for parents. To improve early detection and referral of children with special need, doctors and nurses in target areas were trained on child developmental disorders. The new system of surveillance on child disability was developed and introduced in CDRCs.

In 2014-2015 ICAH experts participated in Technical assistance for development of a National Concept on Developmental Pediatrics and Early detection and Intervention Services in Turkmenistan.

In 2018-2019 in the frames of the project “Assessment and Improvement of Rehabilitations Services for Children in Armenia”, realized together with «Arabkir» United Children’s Charity Foundation in collaboration with UNICEF under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, a rapid assessment of capacities of pediatric rehabilitation services, mapping of existing services, identification of gaps and challenges, development of a number of tools for assessing and classifying child developmental delays based on ICF, including algorithms for planning interventions as well as developing of a set of recommendations for service improvements, have been done.
Results have been presented at Round table held in September, 2019 to relevant stakeholders, including representatves of the ministries, specialised institutions, professionals, NGOs. A number of problems have been discussed including gaps between the needs for and capacities of available licensed centers in Armenia, a shortage of rehabilitation staff, insufficient mechanisms to accredit them, a lack of standardized approaches and methods in child management, an absence of patient registries, and other issues.

In 2022 the training module on Basics of child development, developmental delays and early intervention has been developed for PHC providers which will be used in CME programs of pediatricians, rehabilitologists and other specialists.

In 2023 trainings for 325 PHC providers have been conducted in Armavir and Lori regions. The trainings contributed to the increase of knowledge among health staff on age-appropriate well child assessment and identification of developmental delays, using child developmental tools, organization of referrals and Early intervention services. Totally 76 children have been assessed during practical sessions during the trainings and following supervision visits.

Information posters for parents, as well as sets of child development assessment toys have been distributed to the relevant communities.

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