Organization Management 
Organization Management 

The governing bodies of “Arabkir” MC - ICAH are the general meeting of Members, the board of directors and the executive body - the director.


The general meeting of Members is the highest governing body and has the right to make the final decision on any issue regarding the company’s activities.

The board of directors is in charge of the general management of the company, with the exception of those matters, that are within the competence of the general meeting according to terms and conditions. The Board has 5 members, who are elected by the majority of votes of the general meeting of Members, for a 5-year term. The board of directors adopts internal legal acts, decisions etc. Ara Sayen Babloyan (pediatric surgeon - urologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor) is the chairman of the board of directors and the scientific director of “Arabkir” MC - ICAH.


The director manages daily activities of the company and is accountable to the general meeting of members and the board of directors. The director of the “Arabkir” MC - ICAH is Arman Ara Babloyan (dentist, healthcare organizer).


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