The Institute of Child and Adolescent Health is one of the cornerstones of ARABKIR Medical Centre. Being the successor of the Republican Center for Child Health Care Organization and Methodology and reestablished in 2003, the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health (ICAH) is one of the leading and headmost health establishments in Armenia in the field of Child and Adolescent Health. The mission of the Institute is to promote healthy growth and development of children and adolescents of Armenia. The main directions of the activities implemented by ICAH are presented below:

  •  to conduct researches, studies and surveys to collect and analyze information and statistical data on the status of child and adolescent health in Armenia
  •  to participate in development and enhancement of national policies and regulations for improving the health system at different levels
  •  to develop and implement projects and investment programs
  •  to develop clinical guidelines in the area of pediatrics, child and adolescent health
  •  to support activities aimed at children rights advocacy
  •  to improve capacities of health professionals through trainings, seminars, workshops and lectures
  •  to foster and reinforce activities aimed at healthy lifestyle promotion
  •  to establish youth-friendly services
  •  to improve services for early identification and management of non-communicable diseases in children
  •  to arrange visits of mobile medical teams to the regions of Armenian to provide specialized medical care.


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