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“Arabkir” MC - ICAH

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[email protected]

“Arabkir +” building

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“ArBeS” Health Care Center 

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Institute of Child and Adolescent Health 

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+374 10 23 68 83 /11 45/

Artashat branch

+374 235 2 25 10

Aparan branch

+ 374 252 6 19 85 

Gavar branch

+374 264 6 11 14

Ijevan branch

+374 263 4 04 64 

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Last news
Artsakh Children in the camp of “Arabkir”
  The “Aparan” resort camp continues to provide days filled with educational, sports, resting and rehabilitation programs. This year, around ten children of the campers are from Artsakh, including Stepanakert and other cities and villages. They, like others, are registered at various dispensaries of the “Arabkir” medical center and visit for regular checkups, examinations, and to receive medications. These children from Artsakh were in Armenia, when the only road back home was closed. Their participation in the camp was made possible through the support of the “Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation. Andranik, Aren and Arman are brothers from Aygestan village in Askeran. Aren likes football hours in the camp, while Andranik likes interacting with other children. Here they found new friends, new connections and are hopeful there will be more opportunities to meet and spend time together. And for Marcel, the camp will be particularly memorable. It is here that he turned 10 in the happy company of children and older campers. Marcel is from Stepanakert. On his first day at the camp, he missed his parents, and it was for the first time he would be alone. But now, especially after his special birthday celebration, he will miss his friends and teachers. He says “I am grateful, I had no idea that my birthday would turn out this wonderful.”  We would like to congratulate Marcel and wish health and success to all the children.