Doctor’s Advice
19 September 2023

Sergey Sargsyan, the head of the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health and a consultant in Pediatrics at the Ministry of Health has presented brief and precise information about antibiotics. 

Antibiotics do not affect viruses. The vast majority of acute respiratory diseases are caused by viruses, to which antibiotics have no effect. 

Antibiotics are prescribed in cases of pneumonia, otitis media, tonsillitis and sinusitis.  

The use of antibiotics without appropriate instructions can lead to allergic reactions, as well as cause specific bacterial inflammation of bowels. Antibiotics affect negatively on beneficial bacteria living in the human body.  

But this does not mean that antibiotics lose their important, sometimes life-saving role. These medications are used to treat many diseases. However, there should be clear indications for prescribing, and the type, dosage and duration of the drug should correspond with the approaches of modern medicine. Otherwise, resistance to the antibiotic may develop, and it will no longer be effective in the patient’s treatment.

Read and avoid misuse and overuse of antibiotics. And most importantly, remember that antibiotics are prescribed only by a doctor.

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