Dermatology Service
Dermatology Service

Most dermatological problems are diagnosed and treated on an outpatient basis. In addition to consultations, dermatologists also perform certain interventions in a special intervention room. The following interventions are performed in ”Arabkir” MC: removal of molluscs, warts and other benign neoplasms with different methods (curettage, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, laser therapy). The removal method is chosen by the dermatologist and depends on the location, number of the neoplasm, the age of the child etc. 

A diagnostic punch biopsy of the skin is also performed under local anesthesia. If the diagnosis cannot be made based on clinical examination and laboratory studies, a skin biopsy with subsequent histological examination may be recommended.

Outpatient service can be used by adults as well. We offer laser and esthetic treatments at our Arabkir + building.


If necessary, diagnosis and treatment are performed in hospital. 

Being a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic, “Arabkir” MC provides an opportunity to perform consultations of other specialists and treat the patient as a team. 



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