State order

State Order   

The decision by the Government of the Republic of Armenia on free and preferential medical care and service defines who can receive medical care and service either free, or on preferential terms. 

1. Beneficiaries with scores 30.01 and higher.

2. People with 1st degree disability. 

3. People with 2nd degree disability.
4. People with 3rd degree of disability.

5. Children under the age of 18.

6. Participants of the Great Patriotic War and their equals.

7. Women of reproductive age (during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period).

8. Children left without parental care (persons aged 18-23)

9. Those undergoing additional medical examination with the referral of the competent state body in the field of medico-social examination.

10. People at the age of recruitment (inpatient medical care and examination).

11. Military personnel and their equals, family members, family members of military servicemen killed (died) during the defense of the Republic of Armenia or their duties, former military servicemen receiving military pension for long service or disability.   

12. Rescue workers and their family members, retired rescue workers, disabled rescue workers, family members of rescue workers killed (died) during their service. 

13. Arestees, detainees and people sentenced to imprisonment.

14. People living in nursing homes and temporary shelters for homeless.

15. Repressed people.

16. Participants of Chernobyl nuclear power plant elimination works.

17. Victims of human trafficking.

18. Asylum seekers and their family members.


Persons mentioned in the groups above must visit the medical complex with an ID and a referral, which clearly states the exact service for which it was given.

With the link, you can see the work done in medical organizations for preferential and free medical care, as well as the waiting list and available spots in various medical organizations, including “Arabkir” MC.

Հարգելի այցելու, գնացուցակում տեղի են ունենում փոփոխություններ, այդ պաճառով այս պահին այն հասանելի չէ:
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Last news
Inventory at “ArBeS” Health Center 
An “Inventory” has been opened at the “ArBeS” Health Center, functioning similarly to a library, but instead providing equipment and furniture to children undergoing rehabilitation therapy at “ArBeS”. The aim is to support children’s families ensuring they have necessary equipment at home such as special tables and chairs, stands, rollers, mattresses, and folding ramps. This type of equipment is particularly vital for children with musculoskeletal disorders. Recognizing this, parents have joined forces united in the “Source” Foundation under the leadership of Marina Parazyan, to implement various projects aimed at enhancing the quality of children's lives.     This project, supported by UNICEF and the “Izmirlian” charitable foundation, is a successful example of collaboration that parents believe should continue on an interdepartmental level.     The opening ceremony of the “Inventory” was attended by Deputy Minister of Health Artak Jumayan, Armen Chobanyan (head of the Armenian office of the “Izmirlian” Charitable Foundation), Maya Simonyan (Early Childhood Development officer of UNICEF) , Arman Babloyan (director of the “Arabkir” MC-ICAH), Ara Babloyan (scientific head of “Arabkir” MC-ICAH), Manushak Yeritsyan (head of the “ArBeS” Health Center), specialists, parents, and other guests.   Ara Babloyan acknowledged the proactive role of parents, emphasizing that even the most brilliant ideas would be unattainable without strong parental connections. The collaboration between the “Source” Foundation and “Arabkir” MC serves as an example of this, and there is confidence that the project will succeed.