Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department 
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department 

The Anesthesiology and Intensive Department provides anesthesia of both scheduled and urgent surgeries, and postoperative intensive care of patient’s as well. The unit works in 13 operating rooms with 6 intensive care and 8 wake-up beds. The unit has 2 additional rooms specialized for intensive care after liver or kidney transplant.

The unit has all modern equipment necessary for intensive care;

  1. Modern mechanical ventilation machines, which allow physicians to use various modes and monitor respiratory functions   

  2. Central patient monitoring system, which allows to monitor patients’ vital signs simultaneously in real time with the capability of adjusting the number of parameters measured according to the severity of each patient's symptoms.

The department employs highly qualified specialists, who use modern methods of anesthesiological provision. 

More than 3800 surgeries are performed annually in this department; general pediatric and adult, urological, orthopedic, ENT, laser, plastic, neurosurgeries. 

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