Endoscopy Service
Endoscopy Service

The Endoscopy service of the “Arabkir” MC - ICAH was founded in the 1980s as part of the former Republican Pediatric Hospital. Initially, gastroscopy was performed only for diagnostic purposes. The accumulated experience then allowed to perform the first sclerotherapy (hemostasis method) on a child in the early 1990s, which also had a therapeutic value. It was in those years that the first colonoscope was acquired, which was another step towards the modern capabilities of the field. 


Today the endoscopy service of the “Arabkir” MC has a modern operating room equipped with the modern technologies of the Japanese OLYMPUS medical company, which enable it to make more accurate diagnoses and perform surgical interventions at the same time, if necessary.  


Endoscopic examinations are performed for children under the age of 18 treated in the medical center (inpatient), as well as for patients, regardless of their age, who requested an appointment (outpatient). Endoscopic examinations - gastroscopy and colonoscopy, visualize the upper and lower parts of the gastrointestinal system. The procedures are mainly performed under anesthesia, after which, depending on the patient’s general condition, he/she is monitored by a specialist in the recovery room. 


Our endoscopy service alongside the practical medicine, offers educational activities as well.

Here, surgeons and pediatric gastroenterologists can respecialize in endoscopy. 

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