ARABKIR MC - ICAH held conferences, seminars, master classes and trainings in Yerevan as well as organized hundreds of visits of leading pediatric experts to the regions and remote areas of Armenia to provide lectures and seminars, share their advanced experience with local specialists.
In the frames of Organizing-methodology program of MoH RA, targeted programs and different CME activities ICAH held workshops, master classes and arranges visits of mobile medical teams to regions of Armenia and Artsakh. Many thousands of sick children were consulted, treated and referred by the best pediatric professionals of Armenia.
In 2005 in collaboration with the Children of Armenia Fund, ICAH specialists developed Pediatric manual and the set of clinical guidelines on management of the most common childhood diseases. A unique model of on-the-job training, which has been used at different trainings has been introduced.
In the following years in collaboration with different partners and in the frames of targeted programs hundreds of care providers have been trained in developmental pediatrics and rehabilitation, adolescent health, pediatric neurology, pediatric palliative care and in other fields.
In 2018-2019 ICAH in collaboration with Jinishian Memorial Foundation initiated large-scale trainings for school nurses in Yerevan and marzes. Special Teaching manual and guide for school nurses has been developed and distributed.
In 2019 in collaboration with WHO experts ICAH held international ToT training on Adolescent health EUTEACH; subsequently the training for local medical staff has been held.


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