Basic principles of our work

Collaboration: ICAH is aimed to strengthen collaboration with all key stakeholders, such as relevant national and local authorities, governmental institutions, national and international experts, medical specialists and health professionals from the field of Public Health, non-governmental organizations, as well as international and bilateral organizations, mass media.

Integration: ICAH works toward integration of efforts of all sectors, especially health, education and social sectors; integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary level services within the health sector.

Innovation: For many years ICAH has been at the forefront of efforts to improve health status of Armenian children by introducing innovative approaches in the pediatrics. The ICAH makes large efforts to bring its own practices and practices of other health institutions functioning in the CAH field into line with the best international standards.

Effectiveness: Attaching special importance to effectiveness, the ICAH continuously improves its activities to ensure best possible results and effective management of limited resources available in a country like Armenia.

Accountability: The history of collaboration of the ICAH with many partners from different countries has always demonstrated the important role of the accountability in building long-term partnerships.

Sustainability: The latest history of the health sector of Armenia gives many examples of the initially perfect projects, which disrupted with the expiry of external financing. Therefore, since early stages of implementation of any program, sustainability is one of the highest priorities.

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