Psychosocial Service
Psychosocial Service


        With the support of the Immediate Support Association of the Swiss VAD (now DAA) organization, in-hospital psychosocial services were established in “Arabkir” Medical Center in Armenia after the earthquake. The principles of the in-patient psychosocial service are providing support to visitors and their family members, raising awareness in this field of what social workers and psychologists can help with. 

        The main focus is on supporting children and their families in a difficult situation. 

        The main direction of the service is providing counseling to the child, his/her parents and family. The other direction is therapeutic work, that is the child can attend to therapeutic work some time after the first consultation. In addition to individual counseling sessions, we also offer psychological counseling and support groups for children enrolled in follow-up care services and their parents. For example, in a dispensary care for children with hearing impairment, a psychologist and social worker conduct individual and group work with parents. Similar work is done in other departments of the medical center. 

        The service steadily maintains its place in the hospital system. There is a separate building adjacent to “Arabkir” Medical Center, which is completely renovated and equipped with all necessary equipment. For professional training and exchange our specialists regularly visit the University Children’s Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland. Cooperations are very different: participation in training, scientific and practical courses together with experienced specialists from other countries.



University Children’s Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland


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