Nephrological department
Nephrological department

Welcome to the Division of Nephrology named after Professor Ernst Leumann at the Arabkir Medical Centre in Yerevan, Armenia.

Our Renal Unit provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service for children, adolescents and adults with renal disorders. We are the only pediatric nephrology department in Armenia and the only institution where kidney biopsies are done and critically evaluated. The general nephrology program provides specialized services to patients with a wide range of renal diseases. 
We manage malformations of the urinary tract, hematuria, proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, hypertension, renal stones, hereditary renal diseases, fluid and electrolytes disorders, acute kidney injury, hemolytic uremic syndrome, and chronic kidney disease. It is of outmost importance that these disorders are rapidly identified and treated. 
Our pediatric patients strongly benefit from the comprehensive interdisciplinary cooperation with teachers, psychologists and social workers.
We have approximately 1900 admissions to nephrology ward and 4900 outpatients.

We offer renal replacement therapy for both acute and chronic kidney disease:

The Division of Nephrology provides in-hospital haemodialysis for both acute and chronic kidney injury. In 2019 we had 80 hemodialysis patients. For children with acute kidney injury, the division supports both acute haemodialysis and acute peritoneal dialysis (including plasma exchange).

The Arabkir Medical Centre is the only institution performing living related donor kidney transplantation in Armenia. No deceased donor program does so far exist in the country. The Kidney Transplant Program evaluates children and adults on hemodialysis who are potential candidates for transplantation, and manages the care of patients who have undergone renal transplantation.
Approximately 20 deceased living donor renal transplants are performed each year. The nephrology team provides pre- and postoperative care for these patients, in collaboration with the Surgical Service. Referrals for transplantation are received from all Armenia.

In addition to the clinical work doctors in Nephrology division are active and successful in research. Special focuses are acute glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis, amyloidosis in Familial Mediterranean fever.
We participate actively in International Multicenter Clinical trials.

International cooperation
University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland – permanent collaboration started in 1989. All nephrologists have been for further training in Zurich and regular teaching seminars are held at Arabkir. For outstanding contribution to the Nephrology service, the Unit is named after professor Ernst Leumann, emeritus Head of Nephrology at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich 
Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium – since 1988

Nephrology at Arabkir Medical Centre is active in number of ISN programs.

Sister Center Programs
Antwerp University Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium (ISN Sister Renal Center Program, accomplished in …_
Bern University Hospital, Bern Switzerland (ISN Sister Renal Center Program, since 2018)
Guy’s Hospital, London, UK (TTS-ISN Sister Transplant Center Program, since 2017)

Collaboration with other departments

Strong working links exist with pediatric urology, rheumatology, radiology and pathology, providing comprehensive management of infants and children with complex nephro-urological disorders. In addition, there are outreach links with a large number of teaching and district adult nephrology departments. 

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