Sergey Sargsyan at WHO discussions
23 May 2023

Sergey Sargsyan, the Head of the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health of “Arabkir” Medical Center, recently participated in a discussion on Child and Maternal health, focusing on the progress and future plans of WHO projects in these areas in Europe. The discussion covered topics such as child development and rehabilitation, the health of school-aged children and adolescents, improving the quality of medical care, policy development and more. Experts from several countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and Armenia, took part in the discussion. 

During his visit to Germany, Sergey Sargsyan also visited Uelenkinder Center in Hamburg to learn about local experiences in organizing children’s palliative care. The German partners presented the features and functions of services for identifying, referring, and organizing follow-up care for children in need of palliative care.
Sergey Sargsyan told about the efforts undertaken in this field in Armenia, highlighting that in recent years the World Health Organization and “Arabkir” MC-ICAH have been working on implementing pediatric palliative care in Armenia. In particular, with the support of the Open Society Institute, an assessment of the situation, the development of a concept, guidelines, educational materials and a project of standards have been carried out. Currently, practical work is already underway for the full implementation of the service in Armenia.

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