Virtual Reality Glasses for Pain Relief
19 May 2023

Arthur and Alen came to the “Arabkir” Medical Center to be examined, which usually begins in the laboratory. Boys, of course, are brave and not so afraid of “bee sting”, but our partner 10X Immersive has made this process more entertaining for them and all other children. 

With virtual reality (VR) glasses, children appear directly in the center of the cartoon, becoming, for example, a captain who protects the ship from attackers, or another hero who has to help animals. And at the same time, our skilled nurses perform the intervention without causing any discomfort or pain to the children.


According to psychologists, this is a good way to divert children’s attention at that moment and to carry out the intervention quickly and without stress. According to some studies, with the help of virtual reality glasses, the pain threshold can be reduced by up to 35%, which primarily helps children and their parents, as well as, of course, specialists. Our laboratory nurses, who work with children every day, say that since the glasses appeared, the crying is less, everyone does their own thing: the children watch their cartoons, and the nurse takes samples.

Arthur and Alen also admit that they didn’t feel anything. Alen says: I’ve heard that there are such glasses, but I’ve never worn them. It was very fun, it’s a pity it didn’t last long.


Thank you, 10X Immersive team!

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