Unique Neurosurgical Procedures in "Arabkir" MC 
08 November 2021

Neurosurgeons Krasimir Minki (general surgeon, Associate Professor), Kaloian Gabrovski (Assistant) and epileptologist Petia Dimova (Associate Professor) from the University Hospital of Saint Ivan Rilski were at "Arabkir" MC. A team of Bulgarian and Armenian neurosurgeons operated on a group of patients with severe, drug-resistant epilepsy whose problems appeared for various reasons: congenital brain defects, strokes in early childhood, inflammatory diseases, hippocampal sclerosis etc. 


Before the surgery, they underwent long-term video-EEG monitoring, MRI and PET scans, computerized comparison and post-processing of the past examinations were performed. 

In many of the patients, it was also possible to perform seizure EEG, which further clarified the location of the epileptogenic zone. 


Performed surgeries, including unique and rare operations in Armenia, such as hemispherotomy, "everything but motor" operation, have so far shown 95 percent effectiveness and can free most of the patients from chronic administration of anticonvulsant drugs. 


The operations were performed under awake and asleep intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.

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