Yerevan Minsk: Liver Transplant
30 July 2022

The fourth liver transplant on a child was performed yesterday in “Arabkir” Medical Complex by our team and Belarusian partners.

Doctors avoid talking about the results of such complex operations, because, as they say, the operation is only the half of the job and the postoperative period is important as well. According to professor Rummo, despite all the difficulties that these complex operations have, the surgical part was successful and the data of the first day allows us to be optimistic about the results.

“Arabkir” MC thanks the whole transplant team, our colleagues from the State Institution “Minsk Scientific and Practical Center for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology” and Health Fund for the Children of Armenia (HFC Armenia)supporters, the Ministry of Health of the RA, MoH of Artsakh Rep. for combining efforts and helping the little kid from Artsakh. 


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