ArBeS Plus: Rehabilitation Service for Adults 
14 June 2022

This photo story is about Hayk, one of the patients of “ArBeS Plus”. Properly organized and continuous work gives successful results. 

“ArBeS Plus” is the new service of “ArBeS” health center and is aimed at adult rehabilitation therapy.

The service is provided to people with:

  • Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal problems,
  • Central and peripheral nervous system disorders,
  • Other complications from childhood

Those conditions are manifested by:

  • Neck, joint and back pain

Movement restrictions
Our specialized team works with patients guided by the individual rehabilitation plan that is developed for each patient. Training is on an outpatient basis, meaning that patients do not stay overnight.  
For more information and to request an appointment call 060 40 30 30 /25 00/ from 09:30 to 16:30.
Address - Yerevan, 32 Papazyan str. 
Email - [email protected]
About Rehabilitation Department:
 * The article is intended for visitors of “Arabkir” MC-ICAH.


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