Department of Children Under 1
Department of Children Under 1

The Department of Children under 1 of “Arabkir” MC annually serves more than 1000 children aged 28 days to 1 year. 

The Department has been specializing in this special field of pediatrics for years. Children examined and treated here have various health conditions from common respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, bronchiolitis requiring oxygen therapy, to congenital anomalies and rare genetic disorders. To solve these problems, the department actively cooperates with all narrowly specialized departments of “Arabkir” MC ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to the child and their disease. 


The department of the same name in University Children’s Hospital in Zurich serves as an example for the operation of the department, especially in the last decade. The annual visits of Swiss colleagues, joint rounds with them, discussions of complex medical cases and exchange of professional experience that have become a tradition and strengthened over years, contribute to keeping in pace with modern medicine. The specialists of the department have participated in different international conferences, such as annual OMI seminars in Austria, Excellence in Pediatrics and Europediatrics. The department actively participates in educational and training activities of clinical residents and nurses.  


The Department of Children under 1 is equipped with devices that meet the requirements of modern medicine, oxygen supply points are available in all wards, vital signs are monitored around the clock (pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, breath rate, body temperature). Any child here is also evaluated from a developmental point of view, advice on nutrition and care is given. Our specialists encourage breastfeeding, explain the importance of preventive vaccinations. 

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