Sergey Sargsyan is WHO expert
24 November 2023


The Geneva Central Office of the World Health Organization has initiated a process of updating hospital pediatric guidelines, in which selected experts from all regions of the world participate: from the USA, Great Britain, India, Qatar, African, Asian, South American countries.


Sergey Sargsyan, an expert representing the Eastern European region of the WHO and serving as the head of the Institute of Children and Adolescent Health at "Arabkir" MC, along with his role as a consultant on pediatrics for the Ministry of Health, is actively contributing to this initiative. He served as a co-editor in developing the WHO European guideline for outpatient treatment, published in 2022.


Collaborating with the WHO, the Ministry of Health of the RA is translating the handbook for localized implementation in Armenia.

These combined efforts play a crucial role in developing tailored guidelines for Armenia and significantly enhancing the quality of healthcare for both children and adults.

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