New WHO Pocket Book of guidelines 
24 March 2022

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe has launched its first-ever “Pocket book of primary health care for children and adolescents”, based on guidelines developed by the WHO and various internationally recognized professional associations. 
The pocket book includes the management of the most common diseases in children aged 0-18, neonatal care, early childhood development and nutrition issues, as well as issues related to mental and adolescent health. 
Ministers of Health and leading specialists from different countries, including Armenia, participated in the online presentation of the pocket book. 

We are happy to note, that our colleague, the Head of the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health of “Arabkir” Medical Complex, Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics of YSMU, consultant for Pediatrics of the Ministry of Health of the RA Sergey Sargsyan participated in the development of this pocket book as a co-editor. 
Congratulations, dear Sergey Sargsyan!

Thank you for your relentless efforts dedicated to the health of children and adolescents.,-disease-prevention-and-management-from-the-newborn-period-to-adolescence-2022 

For more information call 060 400 300 /22 20/ and 015 400 300 /11 49/. 

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Gratitude Letter to the Ambassador of Belarus
Professor Ara Babloyan, the Scientific Head of “Arabkir” Medical Center, sent a gratitude letter to the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Armenia, Mr. Alexander Konyuk, for the great support of our Belarusian partners in the important mission of saving the life of another child.    We are also grateful to our faithful friend, the Health Fund for Children of Armenia, for the support shown in child’s surgery, and for transportation to and from Minsk.     Your Excellency, Mr. Ambassador, accept our gratitude for the great support of our Belarusian partners in the crucial mission of saving the life of another child. Rafayel Khachinyan was born in 2008 with congenital hepatic fibrosis and over the years the necessity of liver transplant, which is the only solution for this problem, has arisen.  The transplant was performed on January 31, 2023, in Yerevan, with the joint efforts of doctors from the “Arabkir” Medical Center-Institute of Child and Adolescent Health and the Minsk Scientific and Practical Center of Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology, under the leadership of Professor Oleg Rummo.    The surgery was successful, but during the postoperative period there were two critical episodes when the child had experienced acute rejection of the transplant. The first episode was resolved through conservative treatment, which was not effective in the second episode. The specialists of both clinics decided to transfer the child to Minsk for further examinations and treatment.  The child was transferred to Minsk on March 11 and returned home on March 24 with stabilized health.   This case is not only about powerful professional abilities, but great humanity, kindness, healthy and honest cooperation as well. We are immensely grateful to our little compatriot and his family, as well as to our Belarusian partners, for standing with us and providing support during our clinic's first steps in liver transplant. We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the Belarusian “Belavia” company for their tremendous support in arranging the airplane tickets. Respectfully,  Professor Ara Babloyan, Scientific Head of the “Arabkir” MC-ICAH